App-Waterproofing FAQs


It is a multi-layer bituminous waterproofing membrane

• A centre carrier in reinforced polyester (extremely strong and with excellent stretching performance)
• Two layers of polymer-modified bitumen (for waterproofing)
• A top layer in ceramic chips (protection from UV rays and atmospheric agents)
• A bottom heat sensitive film (to facilitate the sticking during the blowtorch application)

• Application of a coat of bituminous anti-dust Verbit Primer to facilitate the sticking of the membranes
• Blowtorch application to the surface for total waterproofing

Any flat surface (concrete, T & G, any board etc) properly shaped to achieve good drainage

1mt x 10mt

Approximately 8.7 sq. mt. (because of overlapping) less wastage which depends from the area on which it is applied.

Dark Grey only

Red, White, Green and Brown (on specific order)

• 10 years guarantee backed by an international insurance policy (on materials)
• In case we perform the application, we give a guarantee also on workmanship subject to structural soundness of the building plus other conditions

The Client should expect 40/50 years of good performance unless the membrane is tampered with, subject to wear-and-tear or there are structural faults in the building.