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Selecting the best roofing materials in Kenya

A recent study on the growth of real estate revealed a 42% increase in the activity of building and construction in Kenya over the last 10 years. Different designs of buildings are seen coming up covered with conspicuous roofs that match them. While it is apparent that the first thing we notice in a house is the roof, how do you as a property or home owner identify roofing materials that not only appear beautiful but properly serve as quality roofs?

Beauty and Aesthetics in selecting roofing materials
Architecture has observed that beauty matters. Buildings are great landmarks, so they are constructed in a manner that is appealing. This explains why the question of aesthetics sets in during construction. Since we are generally programmed to be drawn to beautiful things, manufacturers use the principle of attractiveness bias to capture the attention of buyers or consumers of the many competing roofing materials available in the market. As property and home owners look for value in beauty, manufacturers seek to drive sales through the same. It is important to be alive to the fact that;

    1. We tend to be biased towards attractiveness oblivious of the fact that good aesthetics in a product is a head turner. It builds an emotional connection that appeal to the buyer during the process of selecting the roofing material of his or her choice. Watch out! This is a key lead to purchasing.
    2. Manufacturers of roofing materials harness this principle of attractiveness bias to build relationships with buyers quickly. We forget that the eye has no accounting for taste as long as the object under scrutiny is beautiful; even in the brick-and-mortar world. Beauty makes buyers more tolerant of usability issues and influence faster buying process. For example users easily rated visually appealing websites more usable than they actually were just because they looked good to the eye.

Quality and Functionality in selecting roofing materials
In the selection of roofing materials, the rule of thumb is, “form follows function”. As a property owner, if you keep this in mind, you may be better placed to strike a balance between aesthetics and user experience.

    1. Form follows function explains why a really good looking person may find it easy to secure a first date and fail to get a second one due to lack of intellect or bad attitude. Similarly, a good looking roof will easily attract you to buy. However, the spark might be short lived and be a turn off after it is installed and flaws to its functionality or quality are discovered. The needs and desires of the owner will not be met.
    2. Whilst quality standard is important in selecting a product to use for roofing, it should not be used as the imperative measure without paying attention to usability and beauty or attractiveness. If that were true, then all websites and companies that perform similar functions could all be looking similar in terms of appearance.

Selecting the best roofing materials in Kenya | Deco Roofing Systems Ltd | https://deco-roofing.comWhen selecting the roofing material, focus on the user experience. Think about how the roof and service offered at the time of purchase is most adapted to your needs and desires. Find distributors of roofing materials in Kenya or whichever place who will visit your site and offer you the right professional advice on installation of your roof. All in all, keep both concepts in mind as you go to shop around.
You don’t want a disordered and unpleasant looking solution. Find that moment of admiration and functionality as well.
Balance is key!


3Top Roofing Materials

When shopping for roofing materials, always bear in mind that the first thing everyone sees in a house is a roof. During tours, drives or leisure walks in estates, roofs standout! It is therefore important to consider quality, durability, low maintenance and beauty as you choose roofing materials.  As a major distributor of roofing and water proofing products in Kenya, Deco Roofing Systems Ltd ranks the following as top roofing materials:

    1. Divine
      Divine is steel roof made from zincalume that does not rust. It is durable, covered with colored natural stone granule which gives it a unique texture feel that does not fade. It is firm and does not crack on bending. Divine steel roof not only gives guaranteed long lifetime but also a taste of style and colour.
    2. Poly Tegola
      Poly Tegola roofing shingles are manufactured using a double non-woven polyester plus fiberglass reinforcement and contain high bitumen content. This prevents heat gain and offer protection from damage by UV rays. Apart from being affordable, Poly Tegola is resistant to fires and highly durable.
    3. App Waterproofing
      App Waterproofing is one of the latest roofing materials being used in new constructions, routine maintenance and leak repairs as well as building restorations. App Waterproofing is a bituminous multi-layer membrane made up of ceramic chips, that offers protection from UV Rays, and heat sensitive film, that facilitates sticking during blowtorch application.